Golf Course

Enjoy a relaxing round of golf with your family at Mohawk Trails Golf Course. Our golf course offers a full range of amenities, including a banquet room and club house. Call our golf course in New Castle, PA at (724) 667-8570.

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A large rustic barn that was completely reconstructed, opened in 1980. It provides a beautiful atmosphere for breakfast, lunch or a cold beverage after your round. Legal beverages are available for your enjoyment, Six-packs are available...

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At Mohawk Trails Golf Course, we pride ourselves on customer service and providing the very best pricing possible on a round of golf. Treat yourself to a game of golf on our beautifully maintained course in Mahoning Valley, PA.

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“On the 4th, 'Aim left! It went right...right down the hill. Great course!'” - B. Alvarico
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